Reading Playing Cards Spreads – What Absolutely Make You Love?

Shuffle Playing Cards

Reading playing cards spreads can help to answer any question, from mundane matters about the weather to deep spiritual issues. In fact, playing cards have a rich and mysterious history. The origins and creation of playing cards are still subject to debate.  People often use the cards to get the full physical descriptions and find lost objects. How about a simple decision making? Can they help? The answer is yes if you spend time in learning the cards’ basis for better!

Structure of a playing card deck

In a regular deck, there are 52 cards, plus the Jokers. The four card suits are also split, including Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades.

  • Pip cards: They are the suit cards, numbered Ace (1) through 10.
  • Face cards: They are the suit cards with pictured by three types of people, including Jacks, Queens and Kings.
  • Joker(s): There is always at least 1 Joker in the deck.
Card Spread

Every aspect of the card pack has meaning. So, reading playing cards for love can become hard! The suits often provide you with insights into your behavior, mood, and other areas of life that have the most influence over you. Meanwhile, the numbers show the cycles of life that are changing. Understanding the number vibration helps you define how circumstances are developing. How about the face cards? They represent the influential people who have significance over you. While the Jokers cards appear, your life is transforming in the unusual ways.

Tips on Reading Playing Cards Spreads!

The 3 Card Spread: Before reading playing cards, remember that this spread gives a quick answer/solution to a single question/matter. Just lay out any random 3 cards in a row from left to right. The card 1 signifies the past. The card 2 signifies the present. And the card 3 signifies the future.

The 9 Card Spread: Of course, this layout is extended by the 3 layout by using 3 cards for the past (top row), 3 cards for the present (middle row), and 3 cards for the future (bottom row). It will provide you with the full picture of your life for consultation!

The Horseshoe Spread: In general, this pattern tends to bring a more general overview of your whole life by using 21 cards. Please spread down 7 groups of 3 cards in the shape of an arch or horseshoe. To be sure, each group will cover a category. And the 7 categories include:

  1. The past condition
  2. The present condition
  3. Developments in the near future
  4.  What you do not even expect
  5. People around you
  6. Obstacles and opposition
  7. The outcome

The Gypsy Spread: Lay 3 rows of 7 cards, from left to right. Reading regular playing cards are just simple! The top row of 7 cards indicates the past. The middle row indicates the present. In that case, the bottom row of 7 cards indicates the future. Such the 21-card spread requires great skills without being attempted until you are confident with the meanings of the cards and know how to combine them into a meaningful narrative.

In brief, reading playing cards spreads takes much time and effort. The more you practice, the sharper your skill is!

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