Free Angel Card Reading – How Can Beginner Get The Most Out?

Angels In Heaven

Less scary than Tarot, Free Angel Card Reading requires no special training. And it may be done within minutes of opening the deck. Angel cards are full of motivational words & phrases. Inspired by the angels themselves, the card deck can consist of anything from 36 to 100 or even more cards. Your pack can be illustrated with the angel pictures or beautiful spiritual images, sometimes combined with the words on the card. Most card packs have a booklet or leaflet describing further information about each card or just suggesting a variety of ways for you to use.

How To Get Guidance Of The Angels Through Free Angel Card Reading?

  • Have a clear mind and body

Angelcard Reading

This is so important during the free angel card reading love. The reason is that it allows you to tune into the connection with your intuition and the messages it sends. I know that a lot of people have some glasses of wine with their buddies and then cheer “Let’s get the cards out!” For them, it’s just for “fun.” Even if the angel card sessions may be fun, this is seriously the spiritual growth. It’s sure that you never turn up to a prayer circle or yoga class intoxicated, so why you do it with the card deck?

  • Less is more

Complex card spreads do overcomplicate the experience. A simple and straightforward spread can help you get the hang of what’s going on. Once having more experience with your cards, you may start trying something new. But, during the free angel card readings, having less cards and spending more times on them does allow you to continue digging deep into more information.

  • Raise the vibration

Getting a high-energy feeling is the best way to begin well. If you don’t perceive wholly yourself or in your body, it’s vital to shift that. How to raise the vibration? One of the recommended methods is to turn on music that makes you feel positive and uplifted. Ah, don’t forget to get put on some fun-loving positive music as well as give your body a shimmy-shake. Don’t worry! It’ll do the trick.

  • Invoke protection

Feeling safe does have a strong impact on your spiritual connection. Thus, to feel safe and connected in the experience, please call on spiritual support that works with you. If you feel more perceived to a particular Holy Icon or Archangel, then imagine that their energy is with you. And then say a short prayer, like “Thank you for joining me in the space and for shielding me during this free angel cards session!”

  • Tune in

Free Angel Card Reading is also about connecting you with your angels and the wisdom they must offer. That’s why having them involved in the whole session is so important. When starting your reading, you should place both hands on the cards and then say your favorite angel prayers something like that: “Thank you Angels for informing me of your presence!” and “Thank you Angels for telling me what I need to know!” After that, please take several deep breaths and enable the prayers to draw the angels close.

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