Real Playing Card Reading Make You Fun In The First Time

Playing Card Deck

Have you ever heard Real Playing Card Reading? Will be we lucky tonight? Or do we have to solve all the existing problems? There is no need to use a deck of Tarot cards to learn what the future holds. Instead, the playing cards will do the trick as long as you know how to use them. The art of divination by playing cards teaches practitioners how to translate the four suits of the hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. In turn, you can learn the cards’ meaning, their individual symbolism, astrological associations, keywords, and the significance of their numbers. There are also even suggestions on how to conduct a quick reading when you have a few minutes. Get ready to tell fortune? Here we are!

The Art Of Real Playing Card Reading

Playing Card Spread

Telling fortune with playing card reading meanings is not limited to one method.  Yes, there are a number of systems that are equally applicable. The more accurate the foretelling process you want to be, the more cards you need to use and interpret, based on a complex system. The meanings of cards can sometimes differ. That depends on a reader or a book that is used for the whole interpretation. It’s better to select the reading you will remember and will be able to keep. At the first time to practice with these cards, you should pick a simple and straightforward system. Let’s consider a typical example below!

During the reading playing cards spreads, please mix the cards properly. Then, choose 5 cards as follow: Card A to the top, and lay a row of four cards: B, C, D and E under it.

  • Card A: Shows your thoughts.
  • Card B: Shows what you want to find out.
  • Card C: Shows what is coming.
  • Card D: Asks whether something is crucial or not.
  • Card E: Revealing what is hidden from you.

Spend time in deciphering the meanings of each card. Write down which card you pay much attention and how to interpret it during the playing card reading online session. Keep precise record of your whole interpretations of the cards. This way, it is possible to check how accurate your sessions of the cards is later. Don’t want to make any notes? Then, you are able to incline towards the interpretation with the more positive meaning.

In brief

If there is any inaccuracy on the basis of your notes, the practitioner may also recognize that the cards were laid out in a proper order but she deciphered them wrongly. Such the knowledge will assist you in improving your interpreting and analyzing skills. Just keep the discipline in mind: “Practice creates the master, and repetition is the mother of wisdom.”

Real Playing Card Reading using playing cards isn’t hard at all. Instead, it is a lot of memorization. But, many psychics claim that they “feel” the meaning. That’s why there is no need to memorize anymore. Is it your case? So, during the practice, if you feel that the card is just saying something else to you, don’t hesitate to go with it!

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