Fortune Telling With Playing Cards For The First-Time Users!

Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

Cartomancy is the art of fortune telling with playing cards. This method dates back for hundreds of years. You can use many kinds of card to practice, such as tarot cards, playing cards, oracle cards, etc. The modern deck of playing cards hides some fascinating facts. For instance, there are 52 cards in a pack, which corresponds with 52 weeks in a year. Playing cards have 4 suits, which corresponds with 4 seasons in a year. The symbols on cards include the Hearts, Cups, Diamonds, and Spades.

Of course, the person being read is called the querent. So, those who practice and interpret the cards’ meanings are the readers. The cards are often laid out in a pattern, namely a spread. One of the simplest spreads is 3-card spread. After shuffling, the reader then places top cards on a table, one by one, from left to right. This spread is associated with many meanings. The past-present-future is the common meaning.

Fortune Telling With Playing Cards – Start With Open Mind

A Deck Of Cards

Fortune telling with regular playing cards comes up with lots methods and systems that are equally applicable. The more precise the reading you want to be, the more cards you have to use and decipher, based on a complex system. At times, the cards’ meanings may differ. That depends on the method used by a fortune teller or guidebook applied for interpretation. Just select the interpretation which you can remember and keep in mind easily. When starting to practice with these cards, you should pick a simple and straightforward layout.

Mix the cards rightly and choose 5 cards in which card A is on to the top, a row of 3 cards (B, C, D) is under it, and card E is under them. The following is their interpretation:

  • Card A reflects your thoughts.
  • Card B shows what you want to find out.
  • Next, Card C reflects what is coming.
  • Card D shows if this is crucial or not.
  • Card E reflects what hidden from you is.

How about four suits in the deck of 32 playing cards? Getting a deep understanding of their meanings can help to hone your skill quickly. In general,

  • The suit of Hearts reflects happiness in all aspects of life, such as love and relationship.
  • The suit of Spades is often a negative sign. Yet, it suggests the positive hope for good future, nice friendship and mutual trust.
  • Then, the suit of Diamonds is about luck and blessing. When many diamond cards appear together, this means wealth.
  • The suit of Clubs is a negative sign. It reflects loss, separation, accident, injury, or bad luck.

In brief

When you are reading fortune telling with playing cards for a man, he is symbolized by the king of hearts. It is similar to the women symbolized by the queen of hearts. Exact interpretations of every card can differ widely. The key meanings of the individual cards online are just a brief guide that is rather insignificant compared to what a real fortune teller who is good at this old tradition does.

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Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate And Effective

Tarot Spread

Want to get Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate? In fact, those who are studying Tarot often ask whether or not it is quite possible to read Tarot for themselves. The matter seems if they are able to remain objective when practicing the process for themselves or not. Answer “Yes”? Then, you have a total chance to read Tarot for yourself. Let’s consult detailed guidance of tarot reading online here!

Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate – What To Notice!

Tarot Reader
  • First

People do love free tarot reading online because the cards are filled with the most profound symbolism. For them, they are also a jumping-off point to another level of consciousness where they are able to see something more clearly and catch the glimpse of the future.  It’s trusted that the symbolism may spark any latent psychic power you have. So, the magic is within you, not in the cards (as the cards are only the colorful pictures). Maybe the question we should start with is how to tune in to your own intuition before picking up and using the cards online?

  • Second

Psychic development often involves tuning in to your intuition and focusing on it as a source of useful information, which is as important as anything you might hear or see. Often, it may be more crucial. The reason is that you can distort what you hear and see, while your intuition is crystal clear. Sometimes, you may dull your ability to tap into your own intuition by not paying attention to it, either because you drown it out with the hustle and bustle of daily life, because it’s not valued in your ‘rational’ society, or because it goes against what you want to be the case.

  • Third

One way to get a better free tarot reading question for yourself is to keep a Tarot journal. This can help to chart your spiritual journey. Scribble down everything that all springs to your mind with no censoring yourself or second guessing.  Just write it all on paper.  In the end, you will get used to perceiving whatever is coming in from your own psychic intuition as well as when your voice is starting to creep in. Further, make a note of how you were feeling when doing the reading.  Were you staying calm and open to messages?  Did you feel upset, excited, or find it hard to concentrate?  How did you sense about what you saw in the reading?

  • Fourth

Day by day, you will be able to look back and measure your progress through noting whether the future events have unfolded the way you did see them or not. This direct feedback will help you to see where you are doing well and where you need to improve.  It is easy to realize that when being in a calm and open state, you are more able to listen to what the intuition is trying to tell you. Thus, it is possible to make free tarot readings accurate and valuable as expectation!

In this way, you may even start experimenting with how to become centered & focused before picking up any cards from free tarot reading online accurate. Regular meditation can help with this. Experiment with these tips for a few weeks and see what happens!

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