Fortune Telling With Playing Cards For The First-Time Users!

Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

Cartomancy is the art of fortune telling with playing cards. This method dates back for hundreds of years. You can use many kinds of card to practice, such as tarot cards, playing cards, oracle cards, etc. The modern deck of playing cards hides some fascinating facts. For instance, there are 52 cards in a pack, which corresponds with 52 weeks in a year. Playing cards have 4 suits, which corresponds with 4 seasons in a year. The symbols on cards include the Hearts, Cups, Diamonds, and Spades.

Of course, the person being read is called the querent. So, those who practice and interpret the cards’ meanings are the readers. The cards are often laid out in a pattern, namely a spread. One of the simplest spreads is 3-card spread. After shuffling, the reader then places top cards on a table, one by one, from left to right. This spread is associated with many meanings. The past-present-future is the common meaning.

Fortune Telling With Playing Cards – Start With Open Mind

A Deck Of Cards

Fortune telling with regular playing cards comes up with lots methods and systems that are equally applicable. The more precise the reading you want to be, the more cards you have to use and decipher, based on a complex system. At times, the cards’ meanings may differ. That depends on the method used by a fortune teller or guidebook applied for interpretation. Just select the interpretation which you can remember and keep in mind easily. When starting to practice with these cards, you should pick a simple and straightforward layout.

Mix the cards rightly and choose 5 cards in which card A is on to the top, a row of 3 cards (B, C, D) is under it, and card E is under them. The following is their interpretation:

  • Card A reflects your thoughts.
  • Card B shows what you want to find out.
  • Next, Card C reflects what is coming.
  • Card D shows if this is crucial or not.
  • Card E reflects what hidden from you is.

How about four suits in the deck of 32 playing cards? Getting a deep understanding of their meanings can help to hone your skill quickly. In general,

  • The suit of Hearts reflects happiness in all aspects of life, such as love and relationship.
  • The suit of Spades is often a negative sign. Yet, it suggests the positive hope for good future, nice friendship and mutual trust.
  • Then, the suit of Diamonds is about luck and blessing. When many diamond cards appear together, this means wealth.
  • The suit of Clubs is a negative sign. It reflects loss, separation, accident, injury, or bad luck.

In brief

When you are reading fortune telling with playing cards for a man, he is symbolized by the king of hearts. It is similar to the women symbolized by the queen of hearts. Exact interpretations of every card can differ widely. The key meanings of the individual cards online are just a brief guide that is rather insignificant compared to what a real fortune teller who is good at this old tradition does.

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How To Read Tarot Cards For Yourself? Tips You Need To Know!

Learning how to read tarot cards for yourself requires a combination of intuition and familiarity with the symbols of Tarot. There is no set way to practice it. But, every doer is able to develop their own technique that they feel comfortable with. The cards themselves are archetypal in any way, which represent universal truths. A true reading is never fortune telling. Instead, it is just good psychology. Today, we will go through a step by step process to get you familiar with your cards in no time.


Tarot Decks For Beginners

Tarot often relies on symbols pulled from a range of human consciousness. In the current market, there are many tarot decks for beginners. And each has their unique set of symbols and characters. In your own reading, it is a need to create stories using the card symbols of the deck. Then, it’s important to choose a pack whose artwork does resonate with you. In general, the Rider-Waite deck is the most common deck and a great way to start. Just choose a deck which makes reading simpler.

How To Read Tarot Cards For Yourself – Card Preparation

First, check whether your deck has any instructional or blank cards. If yes, remove those. Then, place it on a sacred space, or even outdoors under moonlight or the sun. Putting a clear Quartz Crystal nearby is also a good way to neutralize the energy and vibration. The more the cards are shuffled and read, the more vibration they absorb. Next, separate out the deck into 2 groups: the cards of Major Arcana and the cards of Minor Arcana.

While shuffling the cards, you should think about the area of your life in which you want to get more clarity for. Shuffling and handling are the necessary process that physically connects with the deck you’re using. It is possible to shuffle the cards many times you feel is necessary to get them “cleared.” Feel ready? Please keep the cards face down.


Tarot Spreads For Beginners

Tarot spreads for beginners provide a structure where they may explore their own questions. In the whole spread, each position reflects an aspect of your question to ponder over. There is no need to use them for every reading. But, it’s so nice to get started if you want to learn more about the cards. One of the simplest readings for the newbies is to familiarize yourself with the 3-card tarot spread, all also called past-present-future. Take top cards from your deck, and then face up them one by one from left to right.

Before unearthing what the individual card means, you should scan these cards and absorb what your reactions to such the images are. Start considering things, like feelings, emotions, objects, color, and even symbols – if there are any. Try to define what your immediate reaction to these things is? Be aware of this as you continue interpreting the spread.

To Sum Up

One part of how to read tarot cards for yourself is following a ritual and treating your cards with whole respect. After allowing your reading to process, you should be grateful, clear the cards, and ensure to store the deck in safe and secure location.

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Reading Playing Cards For Love – What Do You See From Tips?

Love Card Reading

Reading playing cards for love has increased the mythology surrounding them. Furthermore, they may be also applied to connect friends, amaze strangers, and swindle enemies. Cards can be whatever you just want them to be. In fact, decks of playing cards are either simple or complex. They are small, colorful and easy to carry. The cards connect with the fact that everyone loves secrets. When used as a game, only you know your hand. That’s why you hold a secret.

Can Reading Playing Cards For Love help you?

Lots of people familiarize themselves with Cartomancy – the art of fortune telling or divination by using a deck of cards. But, they often think that only Tarot card readings can help them predict what is coming up for their love life. Believe it or not, you are capable of reading playing cards for love affairs today. Yes, this is a wonderful power of these pieces.

Playing Card Reading

At present, it’s my pleasure to explain the awesome benefits of real playing card reading. Well, in many ways, such the pieces represent a calendar. 52 cards in a deck often relate to the 52 weeks in a full year. The 4 suits represent the 4 seasons. And each suit containing 13 cards represent each season with 13 weeks long. When doing a romance session, a psychic is able to gain the great accuracy regarding times and periods which does help to deliver the accurate predictions.

Besides, the individual characters of the suits go along way that supports the reader in giving out the true insight to relationship developments. They also can offer an indication of the level of intimacy between any possible partners. Traits of betrayals and loyalty also come to light within the card interpretation!

To sum up

While reading tarot cards free, you may be forewarned of a potential love interest and how such the interest can fulfill or disappoint you. The depth of revelations using the cards is remarkable. So, does this new connection with someone come back in from a previous incarnation or just life path? Is it someone brand new or an ex returning? How will it progress? Might it be a relationship fraught with stresses and difficulties? Will it be filled with harmony? Is the potential partner high maintenance and needy? Is it a soul or twin-mate connection?

Through the guidance of Spirit and The Divine, reading playing cards for love does not sketch out a vague drawing in answer to your love life questions. Instead, they are likely to deliver the powerful reading with colorful photograph of when, where, and how love is coming into your life.

What are you waiting for? Contact a psychic soon! Let her enlighten and guide you on the path towards greater understanding of your own love life by the playing cards. If necessary, you can ask her to do the romance session by Tarot cards instead! But, remember that such the cards do not tell you what you want to hear. They just tell the truths, regardless of how painful they are!

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Free Angel Card Reading – How Can Beginner Get The Most Out?

Angels In Heaven

Less scary than Tarot, Free Angel Card Reading requires no special training. And it may be done within minutes of opening the deck. Angel cards are full of motivational words & phrases. Inspired by the angels themselves, the card deck can consist of anything from 36 to 100 or even more cards. Your pack can be illustrated with the angel pictures or beautiful spiritual images, sometimes combined with the words on the card. Most card packs have a booklet or leaflet describing further information about each card or just suggesting a variety of ways for you to use.

How To Get Guidance Of The Angels Through Free Angel Card Reading?

  • Have a clear mind and body

Angelcard Reading

This is so important during the free angel card reading love. The reason is that it allows you to tune into the connection with your intuition and the messages it sends. I know that a lot of people have some glasses of wine with their buddies and then cheer “Let’s get the cards out!” For them, it’s just for “fun.” Even if the angel card sessions may be fun, this is seriously the spiritual growth. It’s sure that you never turn up to a prayer circle or yoga class intoxicated, so why you do it with the card deck?

  • Less is more

Complex card spreads do overcomplicate the experience. A simple and straightforward spread can help you get the hang of what’s going on. Once having more experience with your cards, you may start trying something new. But, during the free angel card readings, having less cards and spending more times on them does allow you to continue digging deep into more information.

  • Raise the vibration

Getting a high-energy feeling is the best way to begin well. If you don’t perceive wholly yourself or in your body, it’s vital to shift that. How to raise the vibration? One of the recommended methods is to turn on music that makes you feel positive and uplifted. Ah, don’t forget to get put on some fun-loving positive music as well as give your body a shimmy-shake. Don’t worry! It’ll do the trick.

  • Invoke protection

Feeling safe does have a strong impact on your spiritual connection. Thus, to feel safe and connected in the experience, please call on spiritual support that works with you. If you feel more perceived to a particular Holy Icon or Archangel, then imagine that their energy is with you. And then say a short prayer, like “Thank you for joining me in the space and for shielding me during this free angel cards session!”

  • Tune in

Free Angel Card Reading is also about connecting you with your angels and the wisdom they must offer. That’s why having them involved in the whole session is so important. When starting your reading, you should place both hands on the cards and then say your favorite angel prayers something like that: “Thank you Angels for informing me of your presence!” and “Thank you Angels for telling me what I need to know!” After that, please take several deep breaths and enable the prayers to draw the angels close.

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Reading Playing Cards Spreads – What Absolutely Make You Love?

Shuffle Playing Cards

Reading playing cards spreads can help to answer any question, from mundane matters about the weather to deep spiritual issues. In fact, playing cards have a rich and mysterious history. The origins and creation of playing cards are still subject to debate.  People often use the cards to get the full physical descriptions and find lost objects. How about a simple decision making? Can they help? The answer is yes if you spend time in learning the cards’ basis for better!

Structure of a playing card deck

In a regular deck, there are 52 cards, plus the Jokers. The four card suits are also split, including Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades.

  • Pip cards: They are the suit cards, numbered Ace (1) through 10.
  • Face cards: They are the suit cards with pictured by three types of people, including Jacks, Queens and Kings.
  • Joker(s): There is always at least 1 Joker in the deck.
Card Spread

Every aspect of the card pack has meaning. So, reading playing cards for love can become hard! The suits often provide you with insights into your behavior, mood, and other areas of life that have the most influence over you. Meanwhile, the numbers show the cycles of life that are changing. Understanding the number vibration helps you define how circumstances are developing. How about the face cards? They represent the influential people who have significance over you. While the Jokers cards appear, your life is transforming in the unusual ways.

Tips on Reading Playing Cards Spreads!

The 3 Card Spread: Before reading playing cards, remember that this spread gives a quick answer/solution to a single question/matter. Just lay out any random 3 cards in a row from left to right. The card 1 signifies the past. The card 2 signifies the present. And the card 3 signifies the future.

The 9 Card Spread: Of course, this layout is extended by the 3 layout by using 3 cards for the past (top row), 3 cards for the present (middle row), and 3 cards for the future (bottom row). It will provide you with the full picture of your life for consultation!

The Horseshoe Spread: In general, this pattern tends to bring a more general overview of your whole life by using 21 cards. Please spread down 7 groups of 3 cards in the shape of an arch or horseshoe. To be sure, each group will cover a category. And the 7 categories include:

  1. The past condition
  2. The present condition
  3. Developments in the near future
  4.  What you do not even expect
  5. People around you
  6. Obstacles and opposition
  7. The outcome

The Gypsy Spread: Lay 3 rows of 7 cards, from left to right. Reading regular playing cards are just simple! The top row of 7 cards indicates the past. The middle row indicates the present. In that case, the bottom row of 7 cards indicates the future. Such the 21-card spread requires great skills without being attempted until you are confident with the meanings of the cards and know how to combine them into a meaningful narrative.

In brief, reading playing cards spreads takes much time and effort. The more you practice, the sharper your skill is!

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Real Playing Card Reading Make You Fun In The First Time

Playing Card Deck

Have you ever heard Real Playing Card Reading? Will be we lucky tonight? Or do we have to solve all the existing problems? There is no need to use a deck of Tarot cards to learn what the future holds. Instead, the playing cards will do the trick as long as you know how to use them. The art of divination by playing cards teaches practitioners how to translate the four suits of the hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. In turn, you can learn the cards’ meaning, their individual symbolism, astrological associations, keywords, and the significance of their numbers. There are also even suggestions on how to conduct a quick reading when you have a few minutes. Get ready to tell fortune? Here we are!

The Art Of Real Playing Card Reading

Playing Card Spread

Telling fortune with playing card reading meanings is not limited to one method.  Yes, there are a number of systems that are equally applicable. The more accurate the foretelling process you want to be, the more cards you need to use and interpret, based on a complex system. The meanings of cards can sometimes differ. That depends on a reader or a book that is used for the whole interpretation. It’s better to select the reading you will remember and will be able to keep. At the first time to practice with these cards, you should pick a simple and straightforward system. Let’s consider a typical example below!

During the reading playing cards spreads, please mix the cards properly. Then, choose 5 cards as follow: Card A to the top, and lay a row of four cards: B, C, D and E under it.

  • Card A: Shows your thoughts.
  • Card B: Shows what you want to find out.
  • Card C: Shows what is coming.
  • Card D: Asks whether something is crucial or not.
  • Card E: Revealing what is hidden from you.

Spend time in deciphering the meanings of each card. Write down which card you pay much attention and how to interpret it during the playing card reading online session. Keep precise record of your whole interpretations of the cards. This way, it is possible to check how accurate your sessions of the cards is later. Don’t want to make any notes? Then, you are able to incline towards the interpretation with the more positive meaning.

In brief

If there is any inaccuracy on the basis of your notes, the practitioner may also recognize that the cards were laid out in a proper order but she deciphered them wrongly. Such the knowledge will assist you in improving your interpreting and analyzing skills. Just keep the discipline in mind: “Practice creates the master, and repetition is the mother of wisdom.”

Real Playing Card Reading using playing cards isn’t hard at all. Instead, it is a lot of memorization. But, many psychics claim that they “feel” the meaning. That’s why there is no need to memorize anymore. Is it your case? So, during the practice, if you feel that the card is just saying something else to you, don’t hesitate to go with it!

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